Graphic Designing Has Great Options For Online Business

If you have a penchant for design and want to exploit the artistic side of your nature, then you could give graphic designing a try. At times like these, when websites and blogs all require images and design, the demand for graphic designers is definitely on the higher side. Though, having a degree in graphic design can give you a competitive advantage, it is not a perquisite for making money online through graphic designing. If you are decidedly better than others at designing and are proficient in programs such as Illustrator, Canva or PicMonkey, then you are already on the way to making extra revenue through designing graphics. There are a number of ways you can exploit this talent of yours and we will go over a few of these in this blog.

1. Create a Logo or Brand for your clients:

With a great number of businesses going online, you can help your client create a logo for their business.

You can also go a step further and create a whole brand package by talking to your clients and finding out what their vision and mission is. You then incorporate the vision into the brand package and logo to give your client a comprehensible design solution.

2. Design Sidebar Ads and Cover Images:

The small parts that go into making a visual brand are fun to make and appreciated by the clients as they combine together with the website to achieve a great visual appeal. These parts are easy to create and can create awareness for you as a design professional. You can also create Twitter cover images and Facebook images for your client.

3. Design EBooks:

This is a niche that has not been exploited a lot and is a very easy avenue to look into. You can approach bloggers and design their e-books for them. It doesn’t require a lot of time and work and can be designed on Google docs, PowerPoint or Keynote. You will be able to earn some extra cash and create awareness for yourself.

4. Create Printable for sale:

If designing is your forte, you can make digital printable and then sell them on sites such as Etsy. They are easier to create and you can play around with fonts to get the desired look. Though, they don’t sell for a lot, you can make considerable amount by focusing on volume.

5. Create Image Templates and Design Pins:

You can create custom branded templates for bloggers. This project doesn’t require a lot of time and is an avenue that has not been exploited a lot in the past. You can also go further and design pins for clients.

You can combine images with the templates that you have created and make pins for bloggers. It allows you to help your client with their advertising and publishing and enables them to stand out in a crowd. This kind of job doesn’t need a lot of technical know- how but it sometimes take a long time to get the right image for the pin.

Whatever type of designing avenue meets your interest, these are options available for people who want to try their hand at digital designing as a basis for earning some extra cash.

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